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Mandarin Pacific acquires Straitons Whitelaw Group

Mandarin Pacific International Holdings Limited (“MP”), a Hong Kong-based private equity firm, has signed an agreement with a group of investors to acquire a majority stake in Straitons Whitelaw Group (“Straitons”), a fast growing international trust and corporate service provider.

The current management team remains an important shareholder and re-invests nearly all proceeds. The transaction is the result of an exclusive process and will be largely financed by equity provided by MP and management.

Terms of the agreed sale were not disclosed.

Straitons Whitelaw provides a full range of administrative solutions for corporate structuring and for wealth protection. Through the combination of an unique set of skills in the field of taxation, law and accounting, Straitons is able to address the various needs of its clients, who include SMEs and international corporations from around the world.

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