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Corporate Services.

Formation Services


  • Assist with structuring, local regulatory applications and other fund documentation

  • Establish accounting policies and operational procedures

  • Coordinate execution of operating agreements

  • Establish bank accounts



Administration Services


  • Maintain principal corporate books and records

  • Share certificate custody

  • Transfer of ownership interests

  • Provide statutory representation

  • Arrange meetings of investors and directors

  • Arrange for annual audit

  • Deploy funds in targeted investments

  • Monitor and pay fund expenses

  • Administer fund bank accounts



Investor Services


  • Investor KYC

  • Sophisticated reporting and communication, tailored to industry standards

  • Capital call and distribution management



Accounting Services


  • Maintain full accounting and portfolio records

  • NAV calculation

  • Financial statements

  • Maintain investors’ capital accounts

  • Track GP and LP allocations, including waterfall calculations

  • Monitor holding period, lock-up and sale restrictions

  • Fund manager fee calculations and payments

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