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Our Management

We form strong, trusted connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from our extensive experience of working in those same worlds - across finance, structuring, law, and accounting.

Meet the Senior Management Team, please find out about our people and how they can help you.

Our Team

Heiko Schroter

Managing Partner

P: +44 333 210 0000

With over two decades of professional experience in advising clients on international structuring, corporate, trust, tax, and related commercial and private wealth matters, Heiko Schroter, Q.Inst.Pa is a trusted expert in his field.

Heiko started his career in 1999 with an international company formation firm, which merged with a Hong Kong based corporate services provider. He later joined Straitons Whitelaw in 2003, where he worked until 2008. After a few years at a small London-based law firm, he returned to Straitons Whitelaw in 2013 as Director of Corporate Services.

As the Managing Partner and Director of Business Development at Straitons Whitelaw, Heiko's extensive knowledge of EU- and non-EU jurisdictions, coupled with his vast experience in assisting clients with their structuring needs, instills confidence in clients seeking to expand their business and investment activities.

Paul Renard

P: +44 845 860 2800

Paul Renard is COO of Straitons Whitelaw Hong Kong and has over twenty years professional experience advising clients on international structuring, corporate, trust, tax, and related commercial and private wealth matters.

Paul is an international business structuring specialist whose experience was built up working in the international business planning departments of some Asian firms in Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

His hands on experience of the domestic legal and tax systems in Asian countries means he is well positioned to advise on cross-border planning solutions.

Dr. Michael Freitag

Legal Services

+44 20 7175 2000

Dr. Freitag advises a number of the asset managers and institutions on all aspects of the restructuring of onshore companies as well as the impact of relevant financial services and securities laws.

Michael joined Straitons Whitelaw in March 2021 in our London office and became a Associate in 2022. Before joining Straitons Whitelaw, he practised in the Corporate Finance Department of swiss trust management.

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