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Certificate of Good Standing


What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing is an official document which is obtained from the authorities in the UK. The certificate confirms that your company is in good standing with the Company Register, has been in continuous unbroken existence, has filed all the annual requirements and confirms that your company is not in the process of being struck off or liquidated.

The Certificate confirms the existence of your company on the Company Register. You also have the option to include additional details of your company, including:

  • Directors – Name, Address, Date of Birth
    • Secretaries – Name, Address
    • SIC Code
    • Registered Office Address
    • Any other details which are displayed on the public records
  • You can only choose information that is displayed on public records. For example, the Residential Address of the Director is not displayed on public records, therefore this cannot be included on the Certificate of Good Standing.

    You are able to specify what information you would like on the Certificate when in the process of placing your order.

    Do I need to Apostille my Certificate?

    An Apostille is a form of authentication that is applied to the Certificate so that it can be used in countries other than the UK. If you are going to be using the Certificate outside the UK, then it is usually recommended that an Apostille is applied to the Certificate of Good Standing.

    If you require an Apostille applying to your Certificate, please select this service from our Price List.

    How long does it take to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing with and without an Apostille?

    We have several services available for you to choose from, please see below:

  • Standard Service – 25-30 working days
    • Expedite Service – 5-7 working days
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